Safe water for India

In India, 140,000 children die every year due to diarrhea alone. The cause? Lack of access to safe drinking water sources. In rural communities in Asia and Africa people still depend on limited, microbiologically contaminated water sources to satisfy their basic needs. Unfortunately, the most common method of water disinfection, boiling the water with firewood, results in high CO2 emissions – directly affecting the environment. In addition to being time-consuming and expensive for the people, widespread use also has dire effects on people’s respiratory health and the local forest cover. Innovative and affordable solutions are needed to tackle the global water crisis in India and improve people’s living conditions without creating dependencies and additional problems.

Together with HELIOZ GmbH, an Austrian Social Enterprise, we are focusing our project implementation region on India. India is a unique country in many ways. The country is home to more people than all African countries combined. This in combination with a rapidly growing economy and the CSR law makes India a very important project region for Get Water.  HELIOZ’ established network of renowned partners in the water sector in India helps Get Water to implement drinking water projects in the most remote regions of the country.

Get Water aims to improve the access to safe water for vulnerable communities in India and create long-term positive impact on the livelihoods. Through a systematic approach Get Water together with HELIOZ GmbH and implementation partners intent to facilitate behavior change in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in these communities, while also creating a tremendous environmental impact. The projects not only provide safe drinking water but also reduce CO2 emis-sions and improve air quality; by introducing a clean and sustainable solution for water disinfection, without incurring running costs and harming the environment through deforestation and burning firewood.

Project Area India, India

Sustainable Development Goals