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Against the spread of COVID-19 - 
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The Covid-19 crisis will have a long-lastig impact on society, especially in the rural area of Africa. The WHO warns that Africa must prepare for the worst. Get Water is currently supporting Covid-19 preventive measures in project regions, by ensuring safe water and hygiene interventions.

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Clean drinking water and hygiene where it is most needed - for families in the rural area of Africa and Asia. Through its product and activities Get Water is addressing todays and tomorrows biggest challenges. From fighting the spread of Covid-19 to providing safe drinking water to underprivileged communities and reducing carbon emissions.
Get Water is relying on the environmentally friendly method of Solar Water Disinfection with UV-indicator WADI. The change in method of disinfecting water – from boiling to WADI – leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions, indoor air pollution and to a reduction of waterborne diseases.

Covid-19 preventive activities

We develop projects that provide direct relief in the COVID-19 crisis and tackle the challenges of the 21st century: water and climate change. The Get Water approach focuses on four core areas to positively impact three challenges with one intervention scheme. We combine our long-standing expertise in the WASH sector (water, sanitation, hygiene) and preventative COVID-19 measures to create long-term environmental impact. Get Water projects solely use environmentally friendly technologies.

Awareness – The base of every project are aware-ness-raising campaigns on proper WASH measures to combat COVID-19 and waterborne diseases and proper resource management.

Capacity Building – By establishing a support network of women groups, we enhance the local capacity to deal with current challenges. Women will be educated on WASH measures for disease prevention and become know-how multiplicators in the community. As a specific COVID-19 response, we provide resources and trainings to women to produce protective face masks and soap for the communities.

Prevention – Proper access to safe water and hygiene is key in prevention. Through trainings on WASH and application of Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) with WADI, households will gain access to safe water for drinking and personal hygiene. In collaboration with local health teams, resource gaps will be identified to provide rural communities with infrastructure to combat COVID-19.

  • Mitigation – The sustainable solution for safe water provision reduces the use of firewood for boiling of water. The resulting reduction in CO2 emissions contributes to climate change action. This opens the possibility to expand to a long-term carbon credit project.
Project Area Uganda , COVID Response

Sustainable Development Goals

Get Water Uganda - COVID response 

Get Water Uganda is part the COVID response team in Namayingo District in Eastern Uganda and is taking action to curb the spread of COVID 19.  Get Water Uganda's strategy against the spread of the virus is raising awareness for water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) measures and the implementation of simple possibilities to decrease the risk of contamination. Some of the key preventive measures are strategy development and resource mobilization. Get Water is raising public awareness in Uganda for COVID-19 and emphasis on prevention measures, simple and effective hand washing practice like e.g. the installation tippy taps. Together with Sub County stakeholders, especially from Buhemba and Buyinja, Get Water successfully conducted awareness campaigns using both door to door and small group meetings. Awareness was raised by 2 radio talk shows in which the team trained households and encouraged the construction and use of tippy tap hand washing stations. As a result 1,280 tippy tap hand washing stations have been conducted.

Printing of reflectors or training materials were methods that also contributed to the containment of this virus. Even though accelerated investment is still required to reach more people in regard to awareness creation to control and curb the spread of COVID 19 in the communities. Get Water Uganda continuously works together with the districts taskforce to prevent the spread of COVID 19.