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Safe drinking water is something most of us take for granted, but for 663 million people it is a major burden. As a result, 2000 children die every day from diarrheal diseases, which could be easily prevented. Millions of women are unable to work because they spend a huge amount of time collecting water and caring for their sick children and family members.

All donations to GetWater are for the benefit of children and families that suffer from the impact of water borne diseases. GetWater supports the use of WADI, a UV-measurement device for Solar Water Disinfection. WADI provides safe water very cost-effective, highly scalable and with sustainable impact, because no maintenance is needed. We work in close cooperation with local partner organizations that help to deliver WADI to places where it is needed most. Our partners also ensure training-workshops on WASH-programs (Water, Sanitation and Health) to make sure WADI is used in a correct and efficient way.

With your donation to GetWater we can act fast to help at emergencies and humanitarian crises and support regions with no access to safe water. Our goal is to help people to help themselves and with your donation you support a long-term change for the better.